3 Reasons Alyne Is The Brand For You

Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable underwear and hello to the sleek, high-tech design of Alyne! We have all of your concerns in mind, and we’re here to redefine what it means to wear protective underwear. Here are three ways Alyne is changing how we handle bladder leakage.

1. Dignity Comes First

We understand what it’s like to deal with bladder leakage, and we want to make it a more comfortable and discreet experience for everyone. Our underwear is designed to be virtually nonexistent, while still protecting your clothing from leakage.

2. Diamonds Are Everything

Each of the four layers in Alyne’s protective underwear is complete with our unique diamond pattern quilting. This ensures protection from leakage and odor.

3. We Know Sustainability

Alyne meets the EPA’s mandate of reduce, reuse and recycle. Our package size is up to 25% smaller than other protective underwear brands, and we don’t use bulky wood pulp!

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