The Wellness Trend You Need To Know Now

It seems like there’s a new wellness trend every day. Few last very long, but 2018 has been the year of self-care. The self-care trends is taking over, and we’re totally ok with it. Here are a few ... Continue reading

4 Desserts Made Healthy

Sometimes it’s impossible to resist those cravings for something chocolate, sweet and delicious! And since we can’t really have chocolate cake every night, here are some to-die-for desserts that ar... Continue reading

3 Reasons Alyne Is The Brand For You

Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable underwear and hello to the sleek, high-tech design of Alyne! We have all of your concerns in mind, and we’re here to redefine what it means to wear protective unde... Continue reading

4 Ways To Practice Mindfulness

We can exercise our bodies all we want, but having a good mindset is just as important to your health. Mindfulness is a great way to feel more centered and at peace every day. Here are some great ways ... Continue reading

Pumpkin Pancakes: Food to Fight Bladder Leaks

Get Your Dignity Back with New Alyne… Discreet, Extra-Absorbent Pull On Underwear for Incontinence! Help with urinary incontinence can come from food. Scientific research indicates that following pro... Continue reading

Managing Urinary Incontinence in the Workplace

Get your Dignity Back with Alyne… Discreet, Absorbent Pull On Underwear for Incontinence “I love my job, but began becoming more and more withdrawn as incontinence issues made me less confident, es... Continue reading

Bladder Leakage Due to Prolapse

Get Your Dignity Back with Alyne… Discreet, Absorbent Pull On Underwear for Incontinence! “My prolapse began after my third pregnancy, and I immediately began kegeling away to try and reinforce... Continue reading

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