Our New Diamond-Quilt design is up to 50% thinner than the leading brand, and it absorbs evenly to maintain shape and comfort. Our underwear is super-absorbent and thin.


Fits: 30” TO 44” HIP/WAIST 115 - 220 lbs.

See what people say about Alyne or leave your review below.


Fits: 40” TO 64” HIP/WAIST 190 - 320 lbs.

See what people say about Alyne or leave your review below.


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Works great for me

J Clark - 08-28-2018

When I first received these products, I was skeptical it would work. They are very thin. But, I needed to find something that was more comfortable. And I’m glad I tried them. They work very well and I’m more comfortable. A double win!



Joe the roofer - 09-03-2018

spend the day outdoors and not as young as i used to be. these are comfortable, discreet and really come through when i can't make it to a bathroom in time.


Great New Product

Don - 09-04-2018

I tried Depends before and it leaked. ALYNE did not leak, was far more comfortable and was not hot to wear. Thanks for showing me how protective underwear should be!



Eddie - 09-05-2018

I think they are really comfortable and feel great. But they leak and not good for overnight.


A great help for my father-in-law!

A grateful son-in-law - 09-08-2018

My father-in-law needed to travel by car, then plane, and by car again in order to get home from his summer place in Florida. Without Alyne and its long-lasting absorption, he would never have been able to get home. I'm so grateful for Alyne!



Matthew John - 09-10-2018

I love Alyne! The first thing I noticed is that they look like real underwear. They are thin and I found them to be comfortable. I tried them in the summer and was glad to find they felt cool (did not make me hot). They fit great and kept me dry! They kept my clothing dry, too (NO LEAKS!).


Great item

Bill K - 09-11-2018

I can't say enough about the product. It fits great, not bulky. The slim fit drives my preference. I am sold!



Jim C - 09-16-2018

So glad to see a new approach to products in this arena! Thin and comfortable fit with great absorbency and not hot to wear. I wore them daytime and night time with no leakage.


Great fit

Martin - 08-17-2018

This product was extremely comfortable compared to other products I've tried in the past! Very thin and barely noticed I had them on!


- 09-02-2018

I reluctantly tried the products and was quite surprised of efficiency of the product. I would not hesitate to purchase the product when needed


Much Thinner

JC - 09-05-2018

Very thin as others have mentioned. Closer in size and fit to traditional underwear than similar products. Order was also shipped very quickly!


Comfort and Quality

Gary - 09-09-2018

I was immediately favorably impressed by the relative comfort of this product compared to any of the other competing brands I have tried. It is thin, light and easy to use under any garment. The enhanced absorbancy provides me much greater confidence in any athletic or social situation.



mike - 09-12-2018

I compared the Alyne product to 2 other products using personal voiding with an average of 10-11 ounces of voided urine with each product: 1. The Depends felt wet initially and stayed that way and also leaked down my leg. 2. The Tena felt wet and stayed that way but did not leak. 3. The Alyne was initially wet with urine but then felt dry and stayed that way, and it did not leak.

Are The Difference

watch video

Are The Difference

watch video

The Alyne Diamond-Quilt™ Design is the difference

Four super-thin, super-absorbent layers make Alyne up to 50% thinner while still providing full protection against leaks. Alyne also continuously absorbs and locks away odor.