Small/Medium-sized pull-on underwear for women. Fits a Hip/Waist 26” to 38”.

95 – 150 lbs.

Available in packs of 28 or 56

Total: $21.99$55.00
Shipping included for all items $45 or more

A soft, fabric-like material against your skin lets fluid pass through quickly to reduce any sensation of wetness. Inside, the Alyne Diamond-Quilt design, that’s up to 50% thinner than the leading brand, uses 4 super-thin, super-absorbing layers to channel wetness evenly and lock it away. There’s no wetness build-up.

Alyne has special guards at the leg openings for even greater insurance against leaks. Alyne continuously absorbs and locks away odor – it doesn’t just cover it up. With twice the number of comfort-fit threads than the leading brand, Alyne gives you a close, true fit, and it moves with you.

Our New Diamond-Quilt design is up to 50% thinner than the leading brand, and it absorbs evenly to maintain shape and comfort. Our underwear is super-absorbent and thin.


Fits 48” TO 65” HIP/WAIST 220 – 320 lbs.


Fits 36” TO 50” HIP/WAIST 150 – 250 lbs.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please email us or call 888-882-5963 (U.S. only)

09.09.17 // Joyce Huegel

Great Product!

I can’t tell you how happy I was that my daughter found Alyne. I was using Poise pads that I used for many years, but I noticed, they just weren’t working anymore and I didn’t want to have to go the route of Depends®. When it came down to it, Poise pads weren’t cutting it anymore and I had to look for something that would work better. My daughter heard an ad on the radio about some new super thin pull on underwear and I called for a sample. They’re called Alyne and they are so much thinner - much more like regular underwear. I can at least feel a bit more dignified. Alyne absorbed, protected and gave me back my confidence!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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