Our New Alyne Diamond-Quilt™ design is up to 50% thinner, and it absorbs evenly to maintain shape and comfort. Our underwear is super-absorbent and thin.


Fits: 26” TO 38” Hip/Waist 95 – 150 LBS.


See what people say about Alyne or leave your review below.


Fits: 36” TO 50” Hip/Waist 150 – 250 lbs.


See what people say about Alyne or leave your review below.


Fits: 48” TO 64” Hip/Waist 220 – 320 lbs.


See what people say about Alyne or leave your review below.


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Trish - 04-16-2019

Love this product. Much more comfortable than other brands and protects as well. Much thinner product and more discreet.


What a great feeling!

LeeAnne - 10-15-2018

What a difference in the thinness of ALYNE! It was hard to believer that it would absorb as well ... and even better .. than the thicker versions, without the bulkiness. But it did!! Very comfortable and looks like undies and not a diaper. THANK YOU!!



Martha - 09-28-2018

ALYNE has given me back the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors again! Long walks, hiking, biking, exploring, cross country skiing---no need to worry. Confidence, comfort, security---ALYNE has it all rolled into one!


A real treat

Denise - 04-04-2020

I was given a pack of these for postpartum after the birth of my child. Out of curiosity, I decided to "test" it and... wow! I can't believe how much they hold and how dry they feel! I still keep a supply on hand "for that time of the month" when I want to feel "protected". Great for sleeping in (or even just lazing around the house when nobody is around). These things will literally hold 2 full bladders worth. Ladies - stop feeling embarrassed and go ahead and treat yourself - whether you need them or not!


Discreet Comfortable Assurance!

Allie - 03-11-2020

I am impressed with the comfort, fit and sense of security I have while wearing this product. It's discreet, so say so long to bulky, saggy diaper- like products! It handles those cough/sneeze/laugh leaks perfectly leaving me dry and comfortable. The product is shipped discreetly, which is a BIG deal to me however the free samples are not. I'm glad I found and tried this product, it's a winner!


Thin and comfortable!

Laurie - 10-15-2018

I really like how thin Alyne is. I was pleasantly surprised how it absorbed and stayed dry.


Amazing new product!

Damaris MS,RN - 10-01-2018

I had the opportunity to test Alyne against other market products such as the Walgreen's brand, Always and the ever-popular Depends. As a RN my number one concern is absorbency and dryness when wet...Alyne was superior to any product I tested against! Alyne has supportive/soft leg cuffs, abdominal support and is more comfortable/pliable/form fitting for the patient. No baggy legs or loose top that can allow leakage and staining of clothes. The pad is thin but wide and has better absorbency/dryness after wetting than the leading brands. Even after re-wetting it stayed drier and lighter than the other brands. Skin integrity is imperative to good health and I would encourage any individual/hospital/providers to try Alyne and see the quality that's available!


women's ml sample

elsie sheldon - 09-27-2018

Thank you for your samples of alyne. It was so comfortable I could't tell I was wearing them. When I had a little accident , it didn't leak and no odor.


OMG! Amazing! I had to test it believe, and Wow!

Linda D. - 09-22-2018

I tested four different brands (Depends, P& G, Store, Alyne) side by side by pouring 8 oz of water into each. One store brand was super thick to begin with, and I thought that would be the winner-I was wrong! The Depends was lacking a leg cuff, so water dribbled down the legs (that sure would create a noticeable leakage if I were wearing pants!). But the most important thing is about whats inside afterward. The other three were soaking wet (I mean, the disgusting feeling of wet pee against skin, not to mention the risk of infections!). The Alyne WAS COMPLETELY DRY TO THE TOUCH! I was blown away. I would never have believed it unless I tested it myself! (PS In addition to be wet against the skin, some of the others expanded to a huge size after absorbing the fluid.) Do yourself a favor and order a sample. Try it yourself. You'll never be able to wear anything by Alyne again!



Elizabeth - 09-17-2018

This product is beautifully designed and very discreet!


Pleasantly Surprised....

Michelle - 09-16-2018

They are comfortable and fit great! Was nervous to try a new brand, glad I did!


Thank you Alyne for helping me stay active and fit

Kathy C - 09-16-2018

Finally a fit that moves with me as I move! So happy to find such great absorbency in a thin well styled fit that allows me to remain active with no adjustments necessary.


Very comfortable and dry.

Cathy 9-9-18 - 09-09-2018

I found this product to be very comfortable. I did not sweat during the day, and it is very light that you don't feel like you have the underwear on. Great product!


Awesome Product That Really Works ! ! !

Doris - 09-07-2018

A friend told me to try Alyne protective underwear, so I did and I really like it and find that it works! It is thin, fits so well it doesn't show under my shorts or slacks, including at the waistband. It is so comfortable and soft that I totally forget about it after I put it on--feels like my regular underwear. It feels dry, doesn't leak, has no odor, and provides that security with dignity that i need as i remain active and am with others a lot. I now use it regularly, and recommend it to my friends with incontinence needs, who also are liking and using it.


Very impressed!

Amanda - 10-23-2018

Such a great product! Definitely seems to run more true to size and is a slimmer fit than the other options. Way less bulcky than other brands and dries super fast.


No Leaks!!

Wendy - 10-12-2018

Alyne absorbs faster, holds more liquid than anything I've ever used. The thin and comfortable design fits much better under pants than my previous brand. You don't know how much this changes my life for the better! I'm now an Alyne customer!!! Thank you Alyne!


LOVE this Product!

Tanya - 10-09-2018

Alyne is better than any other products I've tried! It absorbs so well without leaking and you can't even feel a thing. They are so comfortable that I've already started recommending them to friends and family.


Great product!

Michelle - 10-08-2018

I was very impressed with Alyne’s quick absorbency and ability to lock away the moisture. Unlike so many other products on the market, Alyne is very thin (yet incredibly absorbent!!) with a comfortable fit. No bulkiness!


So thin!!

Wendy Lynn - 10-04-2018

I am so glad I tried AlyneForYou! It is much thinner than other products that I have tried. I feel I could wear them under any of my favorite pants....even my jeans. I really noticed that there was minimal moisture unlike other brands I tried. Other products are bulky and sometimes feel wet next to my skin. It is amazing that something so thin can be so comfortable and give the feeling of being dry...no matter what!


Better than pads

Cindy L Sutphin - 10-04-2018

These underwear are better than pads , because they seem to hold more urine.


Very impressed!

Megan - 09-28-2018

I had several other pairs of panties around so I did a test. The Alyne dried more quickly than its competitors and I really like the cut and fit of the panties. Super absorbing and very comfortable and flattering.


Very Impressed

Eileen - 09-27-2018

Recently I had the opportunity to compare the efficicacy of the Alyne product with other similar products that are currently on the market. I was truly amazed at the function of the Alyne under garment. It absorbed fluid so quickly that within several seconds the padding felt dry to my hand. The other products that I tested with the same amount of fluid stayed moist to the touch for a much longer period of time. I will not hesitate to recommend to my patients that they try this product. Maintaining clean, dry skin is key to maintaining skin integrity. In addition, the slim silhouette of this product will make it easy and comfortable to wear. Eileen Dwyer, MS, RN.


Not sure what to expect

Janet C - 09-27-2018

This is the first time I have worn protective underwear and I was pleasantly surprised. It was much thinner and more comfortable than I expected. It was incredibly absorbent but not heavy. I felt totally normal as if I was wearing regular underwear. What a great product. I almost forgot I had it on.


RN for 20 years LOVES this

Sheila - 09-26-2018

I am used to wearing Depends for a variety of reasons; kids, gastric surgery, bowel issues, etc. I always felt bulky and “bootyish”. With Alyne, there is a thinness coupled with full absorption. No gelling or breaking apart. No ripping in at the inner thighs. I love these. I can wear them with my leggings, or my scrubs. No one sound know that I’m not wearing regular underwear!!



RN with 34 years of experience in the field - 09-26-2018

Wow! After testing four depends product with equal amounts of water and feeling the inside pad with the back of my hand, Alyne was far superior to the the other 3 other brands. Within a minute of slowly pouring 8 oz of water into the bottom of the Alyne pad the pad was dry. It was incredible. Whereas the other ones had much longer drying times. The thickest one never did dry and was soggy, heavy and mushy.


Fits under my skinny jeans!

Lisa - 09-24-2018

I couldn’t believe the fit - the closest fit I’ve found to regular panties! I’m a size 4 and can wear them under my regular pants AND they don’t leak!


Great Product

- 09-24-2018

This product is comfortable, discreet, and works for incontinence. I highly recommend Alyne.


More Comfy than my Favorite Underwear

Kathy - 09-24-2018

Forgot I had Alyne on, but pleasant results with "Accidents" ! The non-bulky, thin material and comfortable fit pleasing, and no leakage - a major PLUS!!


Dry and Discreet!

Stacy - 09-23-2018

Amazing product! Better than others I have tried. Mega fast absorption, comfortable, dry and easy.


Review from a nurse

Sonia - 09-23-2018

I’m a nurse and compared Alyne with top brands such as Depends, P&G Always Boutique, and Tena by Walgreens. Alyne has better true to size options, high quality waistline elastic and a double leg cuff for better fit and security. It’s also soft and way thinner than other brands. It’s fast absorbing and drys so much quicker than other brands which not only provides comfort, prevents leaks but also helps decrease skin breakdown which is very import. Alyne is a superior product all around. I would definitely recommend this products to patients and family/friends.



Beth - 09-21-2018

Alyne is the best by far. The pad is smaller, softer and dries faster than other products. Alyne is less bulky and not as stiff as other brands which provides the most comfort as far as movability is concerned. Amazing!


A proper fit for petites

Jessica - 09-20-2018

As a petite woman, fit is always something that is a challenge for me. The small size would conform perfectly to my body and not show above my clothing waistband. I was amazed at how quickly this product absorbed. No puddles! The double elastic around the legs will be a real pants saver as well. If you need incontinence protection this is something you should try for yourself to believe.


Great product!

Donna - 09-20-2018

My friend recommended this brand so I ordered the sample and was pleasantly surprised. Thin, comfortable and absorbent. Highly recommend!


Truly a superior product!

Cindy - 09-20-2018

This product not only is sized to fit correctly and comfortably, it absorbs quickly without leakage and stays comfortable and dry without feeling bulky. Definitely would recommend this product!


Thin but dry

Gale - 09-18-2018

Surprisingly true to size, brief In fit and not a lot of extra material that may show through your pants. This product wicks away moisture immediately and stays dry until you have time to change. It can be embarrassing when full but there was no bulkiness between my legs. I am very impressed with Alyne and will definitely recommend it to friends in need. I have used Always Boutique in the past and never felt dry. They are also a bit too generous with extra material on the outside seams and the fit when full is embarrassing. Signed Grateful!



Michele - 09-17-2018

Amazing. So thin, I was skeptical, but was amazed at how well it worked. Cool and comfortable, not bulky at all. Thumbs Up. Five Stars. I bought a bunch to give to friends!


Dries fast!

Bette - 09-17-2018

I am impressed by how quickly these panties dry. I would definitely recommend them!


Absorbed MUCH quicker!!

Amy D - 09-16-2018

I liked this product because it absorbed so quickly and it is virtually dry to the touch - making it much more comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. It also fit better. It's not as bulky as other products and no gaps at the legs.


Wow! What a feeling!

Ann - 09-16-2018

This is great! The product will give me confidence to get back in the game without worry. It absorbs and feels dry to the touch. Highly recommend!


Finally I'm confident!

Grace - 09-14-2018

I Fully expected to try on Alyne and it would be like all the rest, but it wasn't! I was amazed at how fast the moisture was absorbed and the leg cuffs made me feel secure when I was out and about, especially for longer periods. I also like the slim neat profile of the design. I did not have to worry about any bulkiness showing through my favorite clothes or any sagging as the hours ticked by.


Quick absorbing

Debbie - 09-13-2018

The underwear absorbed quickly and I like how the internal liner was designed to add extra protection.


Great Product!

Hilary - 09-12-2018

I was impressed that this product looks like normal underwear. It’s thin and not bulky which makes it easier to wear. The diamond quilt design absorbs faster as well so you feel confident going about your daily routine.


Looks and feels like underwear

Sharon - 09-09-2018

I'm super impressed with the look and feel of Alyne underwear - it's so soft, and the light, thin elastic sewn in the product is a wonderful extra detail that makes them fit great and feel comfortable.


Five stars

Maria - 09-05-2018

The Alyne product that I tried will now be my to go to. It absorbs very well and feel great.


Superior Technology!

Briana - 09-05-2018

When comparing this product to other similar items on the market you can noticeably tell it's superior technology. You can visibly see the diamond quit design wicking moisture much quicker and more throughly then others. It also is far thinner yet absorbs as much as the very thick products. I like that it appears more like normal underwear with the lower rise. Great product!


Finally a product that looks & feels great!

Hayley - 09-05-2018

I love this product! Compared to other products Alyne doesn't stick to my skin, and I can keep them on longer without the heavy full feeling.


Skeptical But Now Convinced

Leslie - 09-04-2018

I must admit that I was skeptical that underwear this thin could really protect... but it really does. Absorbent, thin and comfortable.


My Mom loves Alyne

Beth - 09-03-2018

My Mom would never wear protective underwear because she didn't like the way they felt. She had a lot of 'accidents' that were very embarrassing for her. Alyne changed everything. She wears them day and night, without a complaint, and never has leaks. We couldn't be happier.


Meets my needs - no leaking and comfortable

Rosemary - 08-28-2018

I use this underwear everyday and forget I have them on. But most importantly, they stay very dry and, as long as I remember to change them 1st thing in the morning, I don't have any leaks.

Are The Difference

watch video

Are The Difference

watch video

The Alyne Diamond-Quilt™ Design is the difference

Four super-thin, super-absorbent layers make Alyne up to 50% thinner while still providing full protection against leaks. Alyne also continuously absorbs and locks away odor.